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Root Beer of the Month


August 2013

Mt. Angel Root Beer

The Mt. Angel Brewing Company is named after the city the company is located in, and was created by two brothers who truly wanted to recreate the flavor of the "Old Fashioned" root beer they enjoyed in their youth. After numerous attempts and batches of root beer they found a winner…literally. The root beer won the 2012 Silver Medal Winner in the National Open Root Beer Competition. The company does not hire out the bottling process to large brewers like many brands do, but rather they brew their soda in small batches in their own small facility.

In addition to root beers, the company has gone on to brew a few sodas that have an identity with the community where they live and work. According to the brothers, “berries and nuts were the obvious choice--and it was not to difficult to come up with Marion berry and hazelnut.” Finally, orange cream was added to round out their offering.






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