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Root Beer of the Month December 2014

Moose Wizz Root Beer


Adirondack Brewery was founded in 1999 by John Carr, and is located within the very fun town of Lake George Village, located along the shores of 32-mile-long, crystal-clear Lake George in upstate New York.

“When I started the brewery,” says Carr, “I wanted to make root beer and tried lots of them. Noticing that many tasted the same, I wanted to make something that had an influence of more natural birch beer—which has a very minty, woody flavor in the spring time. I reached out to some suppliers for the raw extracts, and one talked about using more wintergreen oil--to give it that distinctive taste. We then lowered the amount of Vanilla to let the clean wintergreen come though. We were also able to make it a bit crisper by using less sugar then most sodas, and we replaced some of the cane sugar with honey which helped round it out. Add pure Lake George spring fed water, a brilliant approach to brewing, combine it all together and then give it back in a bold liquid form; creamy; foamy; robust tasting; tongue-tingling-one-heck-of-a-darn-good root beer!”

The name Moose Wizz came about because of the large Moose head hanging in their full-service restaurant, the Moose Tooth Grill. “When Customers would ask ‘What do you guys do in the winter up here?,”’ says Carr, “we would tell them that we would collect Moose Wizz and the name was born.


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