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Root Beer of the Month February 2014

Stone Cellar Root Beer

In 1858, Anton Fischer built the first Outagamie County brewery in Appleton, Wisconsin. There was some changing of hands, a fire, a demolition, and rebuilding, but in the end the brewery ended up just where it needed to be... In the hands of father and son team Tom and Steve Lonsway.

“Back in 2004, my father and I purchased Adler Brau Brewpub/Appleton Brewing Company. The brewpub was originally started in 1989 and is Wisconsin’s first. The previous owner had a lighter colored root beer recipe that I always enjoyed. Because it was lighter, it didn’t seem to have that “thick” taste and seemed more refreshing. We took that recipe and manipulated through trials (and errors) and came up with our own version that was all-natural.”

Not only do these guys know how to make a delicious root beer, but they have their mind in the right place. They’re all about the ‘all-natural’ and using local companies for their resources.

“Our next step was finding a company that could take our recipe and make us an extract. Little did we know, a local company provided such services, and the Stone Cellar Root Beer was born.”

The father and son duo now run not only a brewery, but a restaurant as well! All this in a building built over 150 years ago! It is the oldest continually running Brewpub in the state of Wisconsin.

But what makes this root beer so unique? And what is the main ingredient that makes this root beer pop?

“You will probably taste the black anise in the flavor,” says Steve. “We have a local company that makes us an all-natural extract to spec that we blend with pure cane sugar and filtered water to bring you a lighter colored root beer with a unique flavor profile.”

And as Tom and Steve like to say, “Lighter than the rest, but still the best!”



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