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Root Beer of the Month January 2014

Hummingbird Hill Root Beer

Owner, Dee Armstrong recently shared a bit about how Hummingbird Hill got its start.

“Both my husband and I are native Washingtonians. I was born in Idaho and have lived in Kitsap County for most of my life. My husband, Michael, was born and raised in Port Orchard, WA. In early 2000 we both retired and wanted something constructive to do, so we decide to make homemade candles. We checked into selling at the local Silverdale Farmer’s Market. We got on board for a year, but the candles never really took off as we had hoped. So, we brought down some homemade root beer that Michael had made, and it was all sold in a short amount of time.

 “So this was 2003 when Hummingbird Hill was started. I did a pencil drawing of a hummingbird from my front etched glass window. I named the business for my house. We had labels made up and purchased bottles, etc. We checked all the avenues to running a small home business - permits, etc, and we registered with Washington State Department of Agriculture.

 “Now, 10 years later, we have a “Ma & Pa” operation and 14 flavors. To our credit, we press on to find that ever-expanding market of customers to sell our wares. Our soda is made and bottled here locally at our commercial facility in Poulsbo. Each bottle is filled and capped by hand and labels are also applied, lovingly, by hand.

“Now, don’t you just want to take a four pack home and make a nice ice cream root beer float? Oh, so good on a hot summer’s day! We hope you keep coming back for more.”

-Dee Armstrong


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