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Root Beer of the Month January 2015

Red Arrow Root Beer


Red Arrow Root Beer is another in a line of great-tasting retro root beer brands developed by Orca Beverage out of Mukilteo, WA. The flavor leans towards the stronger end of the scale, and to some has a slight black licorice flavoring.

Although the beverage has been re-created by Orca, the original trademark for Red Arrow Root Beer has its origins in Michigan, with memorabilia that can still be found with notations of Red Arrow Bottling, Detroit MI.

Although it is not known for sure how the original name and concept was developed, based on the timing and logo reference, there is a strong assumption it is correlated to the Red Arrow Brigade formed in 1967. The Red Arrow infantry brigade is a part of the United States Army National Guard and consisted of three battalions of light infantry as well as support and engineer units.

According to Orca Beverage President Mike Bourgeois, “The logo used on Red Arrow Root Beer is very similar to the arrow tip on the original Red Arrow Brigade shoulder patch. The arrow has an elongated triangular tip with downward sloping outer tips.” He admits that the logo is not a definitive link but interesting to consider.

Although not known for sure, online references also consider the original brand being developed by Joe Sakal (Sakalawski) and Alexander Seput(as). Alexander served in WWI, Corporal Alexander Seput, Machine Gun Co., 125 Infantry, 32nd division. The two presumably ran the company in the 40's and 50's as Red Arrow Bottling Works which was operated on Church Street in Detroit Michigan. (Wikipedia, Retro Planet Blog)



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