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Root Beer of the Month July 2015

Death Valley Root Beer

Death Valley Root Beer is brewed by Indian Wells Brewing Company based in Inyokern, California, and is owned by Master Brewer Rick Lovett. The company and location have been in the same family for three generations. This historic location of the Indian Wells Spring has a rich history. It began as a U.S. Army Cavalry outpost in the 1860s. Then, it became a freight and stage station until the turn of the last century; a healing waters resort from 1900 to 1920; a base for the CCC and WWW in the 1930s; and a doctor’s office in the 1950s. In 1960, it became a restaurant: Indian Wells Lodge.

The Indian Wells Lodge Restaurant has slowly expanded from the small 1,000 square foot building to the 6,500 square feet it is today. In 1995, Indian Wells Brewing Co. was born in one of the rooms of the restaurant. By 1997, the company’s beverages had gained popularity and required expansion into the 10,000 square foot building where it now resides.

All sodas at Indian Wells are produced using pure artesian spring water from the historic Indian Wells Spring (California Historic marker #457) and the brewery is proud to say the artesian spring water gives their sodas a clean--pure taste. An artesian spring contains water that naturally flows and bubbles to the surface. The company has access to the spring which has its origins high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Geologists believe that melted waters from Mount Whitney snow packs journey by an underground river and follow through a fissure to form Indian Wells Spring. For Indian Wells Brewing, the water is captured below the surface and, because of its altitude, is able to flow to their brewing operation via gravity. No man-made power is used to transport the water.

Sources: Company website, Facebook, Building photo by Christine A./Yelp


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