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Root Beer of the Month


June 2013

Druthers Black Cow Root Beer

When invited to share a bit about Druthers Black Cow root beer, owner Timothy B. Iwaanicki of Druthers Beverage Co., located in Oglesby IL, filled us in on how he got started.

“Growing up in the Midwest a ‘Black Cow’ is a colloquialism for a root beer float. I started my business approximately 15 years ago with the idea of making a root beer with vanilla creme notes just like a Black Cow Float.  I thought if someone could make a root beer float in a bottle that would be pretty neat and would find great reception with root beer lovers. That being said, some folks who are enjoying my root beer tell me it reminds them of old fashion drive in style root beer from years gone by.

After securing trademark approval for Druthers Black Cow I launched Druthers Red Cow, which is a red creme soda, and Druthers Orange Cow, which is an orange creme soda. After fifteen years of being in this business; interest from across the country keeps growing. I hope people will continue to find much pleasure in my Black, Orange, and Red Cow soda's.”








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