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Root Beer of the Month June 2015

Old Soaker Root Beer

Old Soaker Root Beer is brewed by Atlantic Brewing Company in Bar Harbor Maine. The company began as Acadia Brewing in 1990, and was located inside the Lompoc Cafe in downtown Bar Harbor. Within a few years of rapid growth the company moved twice more until 1978 when it finally settled onto the grounds of a 19th century Maine farmstead that employs native vegetation and local stonework. The ten acre Maine farm was specifically designed to create an experience where visitors could learn about the brewing process. Tours are provided during the summer months.

The company, which claims their root beer is a “Bar Harbor favorite and cult classic,” uses an old fashioned root beer recipe made with natural quillaja extract from the bark of the yucca plant. “This root beer has the tallest and most frothy head I have ever seen,” says Corey Anderson, owner of The Root Beer Store.

Old Soaker Root Beer gets its name from “Old Soaker,” which is a granite rock ledge in the middle of Newport Cove that is visible even at high tide. It has been described as looking like a “whale” out in the water, and can be viewed from Park Loop Road and Sand Beach.  Information from the company website and misc., Online research.



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