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Root Beer of the Month


March 2013

Old Town Root Beer

Old Town Root Beer is the house brand for Own Town Root Beer in Temecula, CA. Owners John and Cory Montgomery developed the brand in 2001. The original recipe was written on onionskin paper found in a family bible that was handed down to the owners' son, John Jr., from his grandfather who lived in the 1800's.

It was first thought the recipe included Sage Honey, as "S Honey" was written on the onionskin paper. When the first batch did not turn out to the Montgomery's liking, they asked around and found and aunt that was able to clarify the problem. The "S" in "S Honey" actually stood for Siloam Springs, Arkansas where the original recipe was made. It was determined the honey used was actually Wild Flower Honey.

After changing the recipe to include Wild Flower Honey instead of Sage honey, the root beer was perfected, and has become a great hit for the company.

Since the original Old Town Root Beer was created, the company has developed two additional root beers and a sarsaparilla.








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