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Root Beer of the Month March 2014

Big Ben's Root Beer

This tasty brew comes from a line that has been around continuously since the 1920’s, and hails from the small, rural town of Catawissa, PA. Bruce B. Gregorowicz and his wife, Suzzane Wegronovich Gregorowicz were issued a license to bottle soda in July of 1926, and they went on to purchase a creamery that they converted into a bottling facility. To this day, they still operate in the building they began their legacy in. In the 30s and 40s they were still labeling and capping their bottles by hand, but they have come a long way! With many additions and redesigns to their facilities, Big Ben’s has remained a key player in the world of soda.

Big Ben’s was originally known under the name of Catawissa Bottling Works, but was changed to Catawissa Sparkling Beverages around 1954.

Although the line of Big Ben’s soda is 23 flavors wide, the Root Beer is considered one of the best.

With a full and dark body, one reviewer says that they taste strong sassafras with hints of anise and wintergreen, and just the slightest bit of creaminess.

In another taste-test, it was stated that the reviewer found Big Ben’s to be “sweet and rootbeer-ish”. They noted the solid foamy head, and its creaminess. A comment made on this review stated that they thought it was surprisingly “really, really tasty”. They thought it had a flavor that was not overly complex or too creamy. It had a simple, classic flavor.

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