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Root Beer of the Month May 2014

Lost Trail Root Beer

Lost Trail Root Beer is new to our store and according to the company's website:

"Part of a line of products with an Old West theme inspired by the travels of Shelly Schierman’s great-great grandfather. Shelly Schierman is one of the owners of Louisburg Cider Mill. Told to be one of the original followers of the Santa Fe Trail, tales of this adventure were passed down through the family. Joe Marshall is the name of this character of Lost Trail lore.

"The recipe for our root beer was said to be inspired by the original root beer formula encountered somewhere off the Santa Fe Trail by the aforementioned Joe Marshall.

" 'I been a-lookin for the Santa Fe Trail three days now. Met up with some good folks. They give me some grub and something to wet my whistle. Say they call it "Root Beer" and been a makin' this brew from roots and herbs. Think I'll forget the trail and just settle here.' "

- From the journal of Joe Marshall, somewhere off the Santa Fe Trail, May 15, 1848



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