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Root Beer of the Month May 2015

Flashback Root Beer

The Flashback Malt Shoppe is owned and operated by Robert and Boni Crook in beautiful Seaside, Oregon. While on vacation in 2008 the couple found the malt shop business for sale, and fell in love with the store and the city.

In the spring of 2010 they decided to further develop their concept, and decided to brand their own root beer and 3 other flavors.  “Our idea was to create a root beer that would compliment our ice cream floats,” says Robert—who sells not only malts, but other nostalgic sodas, puzzles, shirts, games, and a vast array of nostalgic Hollywood-themed merchandise.

Betty Boop, Star Trek, Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe are just a few of the themed characters and Hollywood celebrities they promote in the store, and they devote days of the week to making the memories fun. Wednesdays are Wonder Woman Wednesdays, for example.

Since developing their bottled sodas, the success has enabled them to launch an entirely separate company entity that is dedicated just to the bottled beverages.

The store is open 363 days a year, and is a focal point in the beautiful coastal tourist-town which is the “end of the trail” for the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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