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Triple AAA Root Beer

Who doesn't love a good root beer story? Especially one with a happy ending (or shall we say a happy beginning-- whichever the case may be).

Decades have passed since David Oller last enjoyed Triple AAA Root Beer, a popular local brew that disappeared almost 40 years ago.

Like most kids growing up in the 1950s, Oller did not get to enjoy soda pop at home; such drinks were rare special treats. For Oller, the end of each baseball game at Horace Mann Elementary came with the hope of going with the team to a Triple AAA Root Beer “Thirst Station” for a frosty mug.” Triple AAA Root Beer was simply the best I ever had,” said Oller, now a resident in Albuquerque. “A&W was just not the same. I’ve tried a lot of different brands while traveling and nothing came close to Triple AAA.”

Triple AAA got its start in the mid-1930s as a group of “thirst station” owners split up from Texas-based Triple XXX Root Beer. The company ceased production in 1974, though old bottles, signs and advertisements are still favorites among collectors.

Justin Thomas, owner of the Bricktown Candy Co. based in Oklahoma City, is banking on such fond memories in re-launching the brand with the assistance of descendants of those who created the recipe and oversaw the production of the secret formula.




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