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Root Beer of the Month October 2014

Killebrew Root Beer


Old Fashioned Killebrew Beverages are as American as baseball and apple pie. They ought to be, after all, the ingredients start with pure natural spring water flavored with real Minnesota honey, and Killebrew Root Beer is quality brewed in the heart of the Midwest since 1996!

Killebrew Root Beer is made and marketed with very high standards to honor the tradition of excellence established by the product’s namesake, the legendary Hall of Famer, Harmon Killebrew. Harmon was a personal fan of these fine beverages and proudly promoted the brand that bore his name.

Living Social’s list, ‘365 Things to Do in Minneapolis’, includes the advice, “Toss back a cold, frothy Killebrew Root Beer, and try not to spill too much when you jump out of your seat to do the wave.”

The Root Beer Store is happy to carry on such a fine tradition.  Stop in to one of our three locations in Lynnwood, Puyallup or Redmond, Washington and, "Toss back a cold, frothy Killebrew Root Beer," today.

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