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T-Shirts Across the World Promotion

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to submit your photo contact

     ~Casey in Haiti ~               ~ Carlin in Dubai ~                ~ Lexi in Jamaica~






            ~Michael in New Zealand~         ~Eric in Germany~           ~Cameron in London~






Our Goal is to have a gallery of photos with our fans wearing their Root Beer Store t-shirts, one photo in every country, all across the world.  We thought we would encourage you by offering prizes until our goal is reached.


Here is how it worksyou travel to another country like Canada, stand by a well-known tourist attraction, such as The Empress Hotel, in your TRBS t-shirt of course, then email the photo with your name and the location of photo, to the email (link) below.  Once we make sure your entry qualifies we will post the photo. Once posted we will email you a certificate with instructions on how to collect your winnings, a six-pack of soda, which can be picked up in person at any of our TRBS locations.


Fine print: One country per person...Say you take your dream trip across the world and go to seven countries in your TRBS t-shirt, you can't win seven six-packs, although we would still love to see all the photos! One winner per family… for instance the whole family goes to Paris and stands in front of the Eiffel Tower wearing their TRBS t-shirts  - only one of you gets to claim a six pack but sharing is encouraged =) Once a photo/country is posted, that country is closed for prizes, however we are always happy to see the places you travel with The Root Beer Store mascot, Mugsy, on your back so send em in! Maybe we can use them in our newsletter.



Win a six-pack of soda

                  ~Corey in Spain~






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