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Wine Less. Smile More. Drink Root Beer.TM

To all valued Root Beer customers,

A lot of exciting changes have been happening here at The Root Beer Store and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience it has caused the online customers!

Please know that every customer who has not received their packages will receive a refund by the end of this month, so please hold off disputing charges to allow us to process hundreds of refunds! Any customer that feels they have been wronged in any way will be given a special gift, free shipping, free product, or some other promotion when the website is up and running again...hopefully in about a month or so.

When the website is up again, it will be under new management and have a new shopping cart system, new design, and new products! We will be completely redoing the root beer of the month club to make it the coolest and most exciting experience for the customer, better than ever before! The online Root Beer Store has taken on a partner with enough financial backing that will hopefully explode into moving millions of dollars a product instead of thousands! This is important for the customer because it also means that - for the most part - we should never have shortages of certain kinds of Root Beers, so we shouldn't have to "sub" anything because a certain kind is out of stock.

A large warehouse space in Utah will be dedicated solely to online shipping and receiving and storing this product! once again we apologize for this inconvenience and hope that with everything going on, that all of our favorite customers can be understanding with us and stick with us to see these amazing changes unfold!

Yours in Root Beer, Owner